I was glad to hear that Microsoft has built in the conditional logic for builds/releases in TFS 2017 Update 2 RC. I have always thought that we needed that functionality. I remember trying to do it with the old workflow editor and it was a pain to do. Here are the conditions that can be used. Now custom conditions are not yet available for release tasks, but they are working on it. So if you are on the fence about the upd ates i encourage you to take a look at Update 2 for TFS 2017. There is much more than this in the update.

  • Only when all previous tasks have succeeded
  • Even if a previous task has failed, unless the build was canceled
  • Even if a previous task has failed, even if the build was canceled
  • Only when a previous task has failed
  • Custom conditions


I am going to try and do a walk through of the setup and usage of these in upcoming posts.