People seem surprised that I create videos of my code camp talks and give them away for free. I think its a great idea so people who attended can go back and watch or anyone can for that matter. I know that we all learn in different ways. Some read books, some watch videos and some need in-person training. I am a video learner. I love to watch videos on my topics of interest. I find its the best for me That is one reason why I like to create training videos. The other reason is that that I feel I have a obligation to give back to the tech community. Some folks say in-person training seems like a high cost for what is gained, but then again others may disagree. I feel that you need to do what works. I have added a Videos page to my site to list out all the videos I am going to be creating. I am a bit behind on the topics I speak on, but I will catch up quickly. Now back to the giving back part. here is where i get funny looks when I say I have an obligation to give back. Most folks want to keep that knowledge they have close to the chest. I like to call this Tribal Knowledge, as if no one else can find it out some other way. When started out I had someone take the time to create a training plan for me to learn programming from. It was fairly in depth and I was given it for free. The only thing I was asked was to give it back some day. I have been doing it ever since I learned the basics. This is one reason I speak at so many code camps and tech fests as you will see on the Speaking page on my site. What i would like to do is encourage anyone in the tech trade to give back to the community. Even if you are just learning you know more than someone else. So blog, speak, write, but do something to give back. Keeping all that knowledge inside does not help anyone. If you think no one cares what you have to say, try not to. Your style my be exactly what someone is looking for. So lets all start giving back.